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Search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving. Our approach to SEO is not to try and outwit Google but simply to make your site the best in the market place.Search Engine Marketing Agency

Larger Visibility, Higher Quality Traffic, Bigger ROI.

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 Our Services -Search Engine Marketing Agency

SEO Audit

Website Analysis & Keyword Research

Analysis: – Our team of experts will review your site against a whole host of SEO ranking factors. This research will identify potential issues that may be holding your website back in the search engines helping us map out solutions.

Keyword Research: – It is still important to be clear on what keyword groups and trends people search in your industry. This gives us a good indication as to the site should be optimised for which is then used to map out an effective SEO strategy to rank for these groups of terms.

Website Optimisation

Sitewide & Page Specific On Page changes

This involves making physical changes to your site to make it more search engine friendly. This is further categorised into the following subgroups:-

Site wide –

These are on page changes that affect the whole site. Therefore, once fixed the overall site ranking will improve.

Page specific –

These involve making changes to specific pages on the site to help it rank for certain keyword groups. Sdigi
Link Clean Up

Link Clean Up

Identify Toxic links & remove them

Back in 2012, Google started penalising sites that contained “Toxic” Links or to a lesser degree reduce its rankings in the search engines.

If your site has been affected, we can review your back link profile and identify these toxic links separating them from your good links. Furthermore we can submit a “disavow file” to Google

Outreach Campaigns

Natural Link Building techniques

To get people to mention and link to your site, we adopt a concept called “Outreach” which involves us building relationships with sites online and eventually using this relationship to obtain links or citations from the host site for referral traffic, brand awareness, and SEO purposes.
Natural Link Building techniques

Local SEO Campaigns

Rank your website locally to gain traffic on your doorstep

These campaigns are focused just on local search terms in search engines. However, Google Maps, Google Local, Yahoo Local and MSN maps also need to be worked on to get the most local organic traffic to the site.

We can tailor and implement a local SEO strategy that will work with your business objectives and budget.

Content Calender’s

Ensure your blog stands out from the rest!

Content has never been so important. Clear, informative and interesting text on your sites blog can encourage your site to rank for more search terms naturally generating more organic traffic and even help build natural links to your site.

Our content team can research your industry to find out what content your audience is interested in. We then draw up a detailed content plan telling you what articles to write throughout the year to not only direct these people to your site but also encourage them to share the content on social media channels.

We can even review these content plans each month and add “topical content” to it to make sure your content is up to date as possible.
Ensure your blog stands out from the rest!

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